Season 5

Learn what’s new in Season 5 “Never Summer Breeze”.

Fashion Meets Function in the Sun

It’s time to swap out those skin-tight racing suits for our specially designed summer collection. Dive into an array of attire perfect for warmer weather, including protective shorts, colorful shirts, hoodies, and breezy trousers, all summer-themed for your racing adventures.


And let’s not forget about hairstyles – the MULLET is back, ready to turn heads and add that extra flair to your skier. Dress to impress and stand out on the tracks with Ski Challenge Season 5!

Welcome to the Sizzling Season of Ski Challenge!

As the mercury rises, so does the excitement in Ski Challenge with our newest season “Never Summer Breeze.” This season is all about blending the heat of summer with the cool thrill of winter sports. Say goodbye to the conventional and embrace the unexpected as we bring summer vibes to the snowy tracks!

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