Age and Citizenship

Why do we collect your Age and Citizenship?

Why does Ski Challenge ask for age and citizenship?

At Ski Challenge, we’re committed to creating an engaging and safe environment for all our players. To do so, we ask for some basic personal details – specifically your age and citizenship.


We request your age for a couple of important reasons. Firstly, we partner with various sponsors who run advertisements on our tracks. Some of these sponsors’ ads may not be suitable or permissible for our younger players, as per their regulatory restrictions. By knowing your age, we can ensure that the advertising content you see is appropriate and compliant with all laws and regulations.


Secondly, some of our tournaments have age constraints in line with their respective rules and legal regulations. Collecting your age allows us to ensure you’re only participating in tournaments that are appropriate and lawful for your age group.



We ask for your citizenship because it plays a role in tournament eligibility. Certain tournaments within Ski Challenge are available to players from specific countries. By knowing your citizenship, we can accurately determine the tournaments in which you’re eligible to participate, ensuring a fair and engaging gaming experience for all.

Secondly, your citizenship can be used to filter leaderboards based on countries.

We value your privacy!

Your age and citizenship information is vital to help us shape an optimal, responsible, and engaging gaming environment.

However, we want to assure you that we respect and value your privacy. This information is solely used for the purposes outlined above and is handled in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We thank you for your understanding and support in creating a fun and safe Ski Challenge community!

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