New Features:

New Track: Zauchensee joins the competition!
Never mind, I’ll find someone like you: You can now search for other players in the leaderboards!
(Please note that the search must be precise; the username of the other player must be written exactly correctly!)

Fresh new look: New and improved design for leaderboards and checkpoint times

Red card: Quitting a competitive race now results in a penalty of ELO Rating + 20 points, whereas previously it only affected the player’s ELO Rating.

Tryhard mode: New criterias available to participate in an eventFind ALL criterias here.

Limited number of attempts: Moving forward, we can also impose a limit on the number of tries, ensuring players don’t have unlimited attempts to beat a best time.

Premium Ski Pass owners: Owning a premium ski pass can serve as one of the criteria for eligibility in certain events.

Bug Fixes:

• Unlocking of additional challenges with new login is no longer possible
• St. Moritz deep snow and crashes should now be adjusted and fixed
• Some players performances now shown in the tournaments leaderboards should now be fixed
• Text scaling issues on the Events page
• Losing challenges progress is fixed
• UI Overlay issues are fixed
• Other performance and quality fixes