New Features:

Wave your flags: More country icons are now available – Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, USA
Let the Games begin: Events and Tournaments as separate game mode are now available!
An Event can consist of multiple Tournaments
A Tournament is held on one track and has its own description and leaderboards
If an Event consists of multiple tournaments there is a separate event leaderboards with a points system to determine the overall winner of multiple Tournaments.
Currently Events are either Free entry OR the player must OWN a certain item from the wardrobe to be able to participate

Bug Fixes:

• Post race checkpoints and times are now again working as expected
• Personal best times on the tracks should now save as intended
• Challenges behaviour was corrected and their progress is now tracked as expected
Login issues for some users should now be resolved
Password resetting issues are now resolved