Bugfix Update – October 27, 2022

By Jenny
October 28, 2022
1 min read

Patch Notes:

- Added player icons.

- Welcome to Brack and Sunrise banners in Zermatt and Wengen.

- Fixed a bug on Android that caused clicking on a shared performance to not open the game                                               

- Fixed a bug that deleted the challenge progress when restarting the game                                                

- Some missing translations were added

- The countdown animation and sound are no longer asynchronous when starting the race

- Adjustments to the speedline effect at high speeds

- Adjustments to the effect when driving outside the track

- Better performance impact of the low-quality mode on weaker devices

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Hello, from this update y have lose my account and the points already win. Now I’m connected directly with Google.
Question, you publish a weekly leaderbord, but would we able to have a look on complete classement ?
Regards Patrick

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