Update 1.7 – Patch Notes

By Jenny
April 26, 2023
1 min read
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New Features:

Unranked Game Mode Improvements: Choose your next opponent more efficently. You can now select your next opponent more efficiently, such as opting for the next best player in the leaderboard, among other options.
NSYNC: Personal best performances and Player Settings are now available when switching device
Interior is everything: New Start house indoor view
Let the grind begin: Competitive and ranking systems changes
Keeping it real: St. Moritz track update
Show yourself: Leaderboards entries show more player avatars 
Let's go smooth: Double-thumb - opposite thumb controls touch-ups
Performance optimizations


Skier speed is impacted less when crashing and it is more consistent
Taunt animation issue when entering the wardrobe was resolved
Fixing issue with resetting controls 
End of season item clamming improvements 
Fixed the Airborn challenges progress
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Jürgen Engel
Ich hätte das auch gerne auf deutsch
Jürgen Engel
Mein Programm stürzt des Öfteren ab!
What happened to the tilt controls?!? I have done two races since the update and I can barely turn. I thought my ski settings might have changed but that is not the case.

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